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Tuesday Tips

Artists Management Agreements

How do you determine if you're signing a good management agreement?


There are a few simple areas you should focus on when negotiating the agreement. A good manager is important in many aspects of your music career. Defining the relationship is critical in developing a good working management agreement.

1) Each should hire their own attorney
2) Check the professional background of the manager (What's the track record?)
3) Define the manager's duties
4) Define the artist's role in the relationship (Who will make the final decisions?)
5) Determine the length of the contractual relationship
6) How will the manager be paid, what's the compensation package
7) Define what the accounting and audit procedures will be (Checks and balance)

Unless you have license to practice law, NEVER try to negotiate a management agreement on your own. Although it's tempting, especially when you're trying to save money and time, it's worth the money to protect yourself in the long run.

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