• I'm not making any money.
  • I can't get signed by a label.
  • I don't know how to get distribution.
  • No radio air play of my music.
  • Poor quality of my tracks.
  • The production of my music is not very good.
  • My management team doesn't know what to do.
  • I need to improve my live performances.
  • How do I market myself and my music?


Upon successful completion of the one or two week bootcamps, you will receive a Level I or Level II certification.


We specialize in artist development!!!!

Do you want to be able to impress American Idol?  Are you tired of shopping around for answers and you continue to spend your hard earned money without getting the results you need?  Let our trained industry professionals assist you with your music career.  

We offer many additional services to assist you in improving your vocal range, diction and stage presentation.  Sign up now and be on your way to becoming a better singer, songwriter or performer.  We cover a variety of topics that will teach you how to prepare for your recording session, how to get media attention, effective radio and TV marketing strategies, photo shoot preparation and performance enhancements.  

Soloists, rappers, quartets or entire bands are welcome. We have one week or two week seminars (Boot Camps) available.  Weekend Mini Camps are also available for those with challenging schedules. View the calendar here.

This is the first step towards taking control of your musical career.

Now, It's Your Move. . .