Marketing & Image Consulting

Let us create your Logo, build and maintain your web site. Tips on a complete look, style, branding and image makeover.

Financial Management

Create a business plan, budgets, tax and payroll forecasting, learn how to manage your money and understand investment strategies. 

Stage Performance

Improve on how to cope with performance nerves and combat stage fright, Sound Management, Audience Communication and Participation , Set List Management, Sound Check Preparation, Showmanship, Microphone usage and much more...

Vocal Coaching

Services:  Ear Training, Music Theory, Breathing, Posture, Vocal Drills and Piano Lessons

Radio & TV Interviewing Techniques

Learn to know what to say and how to say it. Interview preparation.

Speech & Diction Training

Learn successful tips and techniques to improve your pronunciation, language skills; and eliminate unwanted accents.

Recording Services

Services Includes:  Arrangements, Chord Charts, Compositions, Music Tracks, Studio Production (Producer, Tracking, Engineering, Editing, Mixing and Mastering) and Vision Casting

Songwriting Techniques

Learn tips on how to change your formula.  Understand song construction, lyrical content, develop titles, rhymes, song melody, chord structure and good songwriting habits.

Music Business Management

Includes tip on:  Selecting your team (Legal, Management, Producer, Musicians and much more), Production Budgeting, Copyrights, Patents, Contracts and Session Preparation

Personal Training

The ability to maintain a high intensity performance requires a strong mind and body.  Increase your stamina and endurance. Create a lifestyle of fitness.

Dance & Choreography

Create original dances and develop new interpretations of existing dances. Because, few dance routines are written down, our choreographers instruct performers at rehearsals to achieve the desired result of your performance.

Personal Protection

Learn what steps to take in order to protect yourself on and off the stage.

Sound/Lighting Technical Training

Learn the importance of communicating with your technical event support to enhance your performances.  Also, learn to use and/or undertand sound and lighting techniques.  You will be up to date on how our overall production can make for a better musical experience.